Click Here to Learn More I believe in creating technologies that feel intuitive, creating experiences that challenge users to interact with technology in different ways. Scroll down to learn more about it.
Master's Project
Click Here to Learn More I created an application framework to visualize EIT information working to learn more about how users can use new technological mediums to interact with technology.
The Tavern
Click Here to Learn More I worked on a text based adventure creation engine called The Tavern, which won 1st place at the MIT Weblab Competion, as well as a Facebook Community award!
Click Here to Learn More I built a WiFi enabled, low-cost search and rescue robot that was controllable from a website, including collision detection, speakers, temperature detection, and a camera.
Brain Swarm Interface
Click Here to Learn More I wrote a program that optimized a connection between user thoughts and controlling a robotic swarm!
Click Here to Learn More I have worked on a number of miscallaneous projects, in web, app, and game development, as well as graphic design! (Page to be updated)